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Know your legal rights

If you are facing charges, it's important that you know what rights you have. If you are a suspect in any crime or DUI, the objective of police is to find as much evidence as possible to use against you. Don't help them build their case against you, instead call Frederick J. Taylor Law Offices.

Drunk Driving Tips

  • Don't drive after drinking

  • Keep a copy of our business card with you at all times

  • Don't commit unnecessary traffic violations like speeding or incomplete stops

  • Do not get out of the vehicle once you are stopped

  • Don't play music, tell your passenger to remain silent

  • Have your license registration and insurance accessible

  • Do not volunteer any information

  • If asked to step out the vehicle, do so slowly

  • Try to chew gum during your entire ride and don't remove unless instructed to do so

  • Try to wait until the  officer leaves before you continue to drive

  • Pull into a public place and call for a ride

  • Don't discuss this matter with any motel or convenience store clerk

  • Avoid driving between 11:00 PM and 3:00 AM.

  • Do not agree to allow the officer to search your vehicle. If you are arrested, do not plead your case to the officer

  • If possible answer with a yes or a no.

Wrongful Death

  • Contact our office immediately

  • Don't discuss the case with anyone other than your attorney

  • Don't sign any releases

  • Don't make any statements

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Personal Injury

  • See a doctor regarding your injuries as soon as possible

  • Stress your complaints to the doctor

  • Flow your doctor's orders regarding recovery

  • Contact our office as soon as possible

  • Don't ignore your doctor's orders

  • Don't talk to any investigators or make a statement without your attorney

  • Don't sign any releases or documents unless reviewed by your attorney

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